Monday, 28 May 2012

Cool nights, warm heater, sweet treats

So I'll admit it; I'm a heater snob! A few months ago, one of the prerequisites when finding a house was that it had to have a log burner heater.

I grew up with a log burner, and I just don't feel right without one. At one rental in the past we had a gas heater and I continually complained that my eyeballs were drying out! Now, that might have been in my head, but I think I am pretty blessed to have a solid fuel heater again.

The nights have been getting cooler here, and we're just around the corner from winter so I had better get used to the cold. The electric blanket is on the bed, ready to go. I hate feeling cold!

I stumbled upon this post on Pinterest the other day, and realised I could have some fun with the heater by making campfire cones. I kept mine basic, using crushed peanuts, marshmallows and choc bits. They were delicious! Definitely something I will be doing again.

They were the perfect treats for snuggling under a blanket, watching a movie.

What little treats do you have during the cold weather?

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