Sunday, 20 May 2012

Quilt In

Yesterday I went along to a Quilt-In at a small town called Yarroweyah (pronounced like 'Yarro-weir'.)

For those of you who aren't quite au fait with 'Quilt-Ins', they are a gathering of ladies who like to quilt. We basically sit around doing some hand-stitching while we hear from different presenters. There's always a 'Show and Tell' too, and if you're lucky there will be an epic game of 'heads and tails'.

Each time I go to one of these events, I am in awe of the skill of some people. I also get really inspired to do neat little projects of my own (I need the motivation because I start a lot of projects but don't always finish them...I call myself a 95% finished girl!)

At yesterday's event, my quilting group joined with members from Spa Quilters of Daylesford. I always learn heaps on these days as there are so many women who use various techniques and have different taste. Here are some projects the ladies were working on:

Fiona's crochet. This is going to become part of a bed runner. She is so talented!

This is Ann's project. She is paper-piecing these hexagons together for a quilt. Don't they look fantastic?

There were two presenters at this particular Quilt-In. The first shared her experience in creating snuggle quilts for children in hospitals. They make hundreds of quilts each year. It is truly amazing to hear about the many people touched by these quilts!

The second presenter was a young lady who shared her journey from local knitter as an 8 year old to being a wool fashion designer and pattern maker. She was very humble, talking about how she had been fortunate on so many occasions, but I really think it has more to do with her skills. She works from home at Deniliquin and makes all of her own garments for her brand WooliWooli. She's got sustainability on her mind, trying to distance the brand from mass-produced fashion. I loved her style, and the photos she showed of the fashion line were really tasteful and classy.

I forgot to mention that you also go shopping at the Quilt-In! I bought these gorgeous fabrics for an upcoming quilt. I absolutely adore these colours. I'm having so much fun collecting them!

Did you have a crafty weekend? I hope so!

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