Sunday, 17 June 2012

3 Recipe Books I Love

There are some recipe books that have pretty photos. There are some with exotic sounding ingredients (and you spend hours trying to source them from obscure stores!)

And then there are some that you keep going back to because they just make sense. They're easy and the recipes are good.

Here are three recipe books I regularly use and love.

Stephanie Alexander's, The Cook's Companion

This book was given to us as a wedding present. It's a great reference book as well as a good recipe book. 

When I encounter a new ingredient I want to try out, this is the first place I go to. Stephanie has done her homework, and you can tell she has tried and tested each dish. 

Our favourite recipe is the Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie and her Pumpkin Scones are pretty great too.

Weekly: Cookies

The Australian Women's Weekly have some fantastic, easy recipes. I was given this book by my best friend. For a year, I tried a new recipe almost weekly, having friends over for baking parties.

Some of the cookies are novelty cookies (e.g. 'Domino' Choc Wheatens) and that is what I love about them!

This book is apparently out of print, but I have noticed quite a few of the recipes appear in their cupcake and cookies book, and the mini version of the book.

Cookery the Australian Way

I grew up with this book being used every time we baked. I learned how to make pancakes using this cookbook- my first independently cooked dish.

The banana cake recipe is just delicious. And the batter tastes almost better than the cake itself! The title is so popular that it is now in it's eighth edition. Now that's impressive!

You can get the Kindle version here.

This is what my Mum's version of the book looks like. You can tell that these recipes are great, just because they are so well used!

Do you have a recipe book you just couldn't do without? What are your favourites?

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