Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Egg and Bacon Toast Cups

On the weekends, I love a good cooked breakfast. During the week, I'm more of a fruit-on-the-go kind of gal. I get time to stop and appreciate brekkie on a Saturday morning though.

I saw this recipe on the Martha Stewart site and thought it was a cool idea. I kind of made it up along the way though, because it was just so easy!

I was pretty keen to eat them, and I think that is why my photos are so blurry. You can see the excitement!

Here are some changes I made, mostly because I was having a lazy morning:
  • Instead of cutting the bread into circles, I cut them in triangles in half. I was feeling lazy, so I didn’t use a rolling pin either. To flatten the bread a bit I just squashed it down with the bacon.
  • Some of the eggs were large, and so there was egg white left over. I ran out of silicone patty pans so I put some baking paper squares in the last few. I just added the leftover whites into them, as the paper allowed me to fit more in.
  • I cooked them at 180 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes. If you wanted the eggs a little gooey, then perhaps shave off a few minutes.
  • I made some (you can see them in the bottom picture) without bread. They worked out pretty well too. 

They turned out really cute and were pretty easy to do. Next time I think I will add some spinach and parmesan cheese. Yum!

Hope you're having a good week,


  1. Ooooh yum yum yum, I looooove me some cooked breakfasts. Off to put my order in with the chef/hubster, we picked up some Quail eggs out shopping, how cute will they look in those toast cups!

    Thanks for the tasty inspiration (dribbles down self) ;p

  2. Ooh cool. Perfect for brunch