Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nana & Coconut Ice

A few days ago would have been my Nana's birthday. About this time of year, I always start thinking of all the things that remind me of her. I find myself buying boxes of TeeVee snacks, or her favourite sort of ice cream (vanilla with choc chips...yum!)

This time around, I felt the need to make some Coconut Ice. It was one of the few recipes I asked her to write down for me when I was younger.

So I went looking for the recipe during the week. I must have left it at my parents' house, because I couldn't locate it anywhere. Instead, I settled for the next best thing; Stephanie Alexander. She always knows what to do.

I whizzed it up in the Thermomix and was surprised with just how quick it is to make. The only thing I wasn't happy with was the colour. Last night I thought it was too pink and today it looks apricot!

I took it outside and enjoyed the little bit of sunshine there was today. I love picnics, even when they are all by yourself. It was a nice quiet break from all my correction.

Hope you had a nice weekend.


  1. Wow that coconut ice looks and sounds delicious! It seems like a perfect summer treat.

  2. I've never heard of coconut ice, but it looks yummy :)

    And I agree that picnics are pretty peaceful and a nice break.

  3. my husband has been making fun of me for my coconut obsession as of late. I'm going to have to try this coconut ice!

  4. i'm not really sure what coconut ice is, but i think i need it right now :) xx