Wednesday, 13 June 2012

To Daylesford for a Quilt Show

Last weekend I went for a drive to the lovely town of Daylesford with my Mama (I do realise this post is a little late...I have been swamped with writing reports!)

While we were there we did a spot of Op Shopping and had a stroll at the lake, but the reason we went was to see the annual Spa Quilters Quilt Show. One of my good friends was part of the group before she moved to my town, so she had invited us to come check it out. 

I'm glad we went because there's so much to be inspired by at these shows. If I never saw other people's excellent quilts, I don't think I would ever be motivated to finish my first! And some of these ladies had entered upwards of five quilts in this show alone. Talk about committed!

I really liked the overall effect of quilting in this semi circle pattern. I will keep this in mind for my next project (more about that in the coming months!)

My Mum was taken by the chook quilts. Dad loves his chooks on the farm and Mum commented to me on the weekend that she'd love to make a quilt for Dad one day. She hasn't made a quilt before, so it will be a fun adventure for us both. I love my Mum. She's always thinking of someone else.

The level of detail on this one was amazing. The rooster and chooks were appliqued on, but each animal was made up of heaps of different fabrics. They had been so well considered...they looked a bit lifelike I think!

After the show we went to a little cafe called 'Breakfast and Beer.' My corn fritters were yummy and they looked great, but I think the design on the plate was just beautiful. 

I left Daylesford feeling really inspired. Tonight I will take all my new motivation and go to my quilting group. Bring on the hand-quilting!

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