Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sample Quilt: Humble Beginnings

About two years ago now (gosh, was it really that long ago?) I began a sample quilt. This is my very first quilt.

A group of us teachers had decided to get together for craft once a fortnight. Some of the girls were going to learn to quilt; Fiona, a new teacher at school was going to show them the ropes.

I went along, planning to do little bits and pieces of sewing, or maybe do some scrapbooking. To be honest, I don't know if it was peer pressure, or whether I simply wanted to join in because it seemed like fun. Either way, I bought a whole load of quilting things, and soon I was enjoying sitting in the lounge room, doing a spot of hand sewing in the afternoons or on weekends.

The most thrilling part was choosing fabrics. It has become an obsession, buying pretty florals or cute, more modern prints. I'm always drawn to a lovely floral, though...they're my favourites.

Here are some of my squares. I took these photos on my old phone, so the quality isn't the best. You can get the general gist though.

This was my first square. I learned some important lessons while completing these squares. One was, 'never use polyester blends to make your quilt.' I made this mistake with the brown fabric on this one, and had half my fabric shrink when I was pressing the blocks. Ah well, next time I won't make this mistake!

Next, I tried a few different colours of fabric.

 This one was nice to do. I liked the way it all fitted together in the end. It's very effective.

Drunkard's path...this one drove me crazy! I hated the pattern. The way it wasn't a 'pretty' block annoyed me. I will live with it. 

I certainly needed patience when putting this block together. The spinning tulips are appliquéd. I think I tried to be a little too fancy, and in the end I wasn't completely happy with the shape of the tulips and leaves. I really loved doing the appliqué though. I think that's something I will do again.

This one was a simple block in the end. I'm not entirely crazy about it, but hey, it's no drunkard's path!

These are just the first five squares. I'll make another post soon with the next four squares.

Looking over these, I feel somewhat accomplished!


  1. I think they are all lovely, especially the Drunkards Path. I'm glad that you are still enjoying this wonderful craft.

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