Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Teacher Style

I had a funny goal to reach during the week. A co-worker and I were making a video for one of our classes. I was starring (I'm a bit of a show-off!) and I had to dress 'like a teacher'. I know, I am a teacher. But this day I had to look like a stereotype of a teacher.

I bought some dorky glasses frames online a while ago so I wore them.

I added the customary bun. I tried to jazz it up a little so I didn't look too scary.

It was pretty cold this day, so I had to wear a scarf. With the scarf and the jacket, I was feeling pretty toasty!

The video in the end was hilarious. We were crying with laughter. Hopefully the students will learn something and be entertained!
Jacket & Shirt: Op Shop, Skirt: Jacqui E, Shoes: Spendless, Scarf: Brown Sugar

Hope you're having an excellent week,


  1. Hope we get to see the video. Awesome teacher look.

  2. Thanks Fee. The video is mostly for the students, but I can make an exception for you :)