Sunday, 26 August 2012

Party Concept: Silver Jubilee

In a few short months, I will be turning 25. I don't often organise parties for my birthday. I'd rather leave the washing up to someone else, so we often just go out for dinner.

 This time around, though, I was thinking of having a bit of a tea party picnic. In fact, I'm planning on throwing a silver jubilee party!

My mind has been spinning out with loads of ideas for tea cups, nibblies, monogrammed plates and pretty picnic blankets (more on that in a later post!)

But today, I decided to try making some cupcakes. I just bought a mini cupcake tray and I tested it out with a simple vanilla cupcake recipe from a Women's Weekly book.

Oh my goodness...the mixture took like two minutes to whip up in the Thermomix! It makes cooking a breeze when you realise you've cut your preparation time in half or less.

They came up pretty well. I tested out a butter icing recipe too. It tasted delicious. I loved the colour too. I was a little disappointed with the piping container. It is a new Tupperware one, and all the icing seemed to get stuck in the edges. It's only the first time I have used it, so perhaps I will find it easier to use next time.

Also, my piping technique clearly needs work! I can blame the container a little bit, because there were a bunch of air bubbles. But really, I think it was me. Oh well, I will just have to practise and make some more!

I can't wait to try some other recipes in the lead up to the party! I'll be sure to share them as I play around.

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  1. Such fun planning for a tea party picnic.
    There's some good videos on youtube about icing cupcakes too.