Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sarah to prune

This is the start of a feature I'm going to call 'Sarah learns...' It will be all about the new things I learn how to do.

To start me off, my sweet friend Claire has taught me the basics of pruning. The trees at my house are really overgrown (well, not now!) I have a few fruit trees around the house and this is our first winter here. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do some pruning!

The tools we used were:
  • secateurs
  • loppers
  • a saw
Claire told me some basics, and then I got to start out on my grapevine. It was so overgrown that it had actually managed to get over the other side of the pear tree! After this, we moved on to the pear tree.

Here are some of the steps we took:
  • All dead wood and diseased wood was removed
  • We removed branches with fruiting buds from the middle (they couldn't get sun) We were trying for a 'vase' shape.
  • Branches were thinned out where there were too many little branches and they were crossed over
  • We also trimmed back some branches by 2/3 to promote new growth.
Some diseased wood. This got the chop.

Aside from asking Claire way too many questions, I got some extra tips from the BBC Gardening website.

Mack was having a ball. Each time she chopped off a branch, Claire would throw it to the dog. He loved it.

 This is what the tree looked like afterwards. Because we chopped so much, we left the top bits, even though they are pretty high up.

Looking back, I can see the grass is really long! That's on the to-do list.

Happy pruning!

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