Sunday, 12 August 2012

Signs of Spring

As much as it pains me to say, I am very much like my father. For years I endured his stories about local history and his childhood. He's a fan of the phrase, 'Did you know?' He loves to talk about politics and the way the world works.

And now I am noticing I do the same thing.

I've decided to embrace it, even though my husband laughs at me all the time. Just last week I was the butt of his jokes when I commented that the cows down the road must be lacking certain minerals in their diet because they had started to strip the bark from all the trees.

This week, I am noticing the start of Spring. I can hear my Dad clearly telling me that the first signs of Spring are the flowering of the Cootamundra Wattle ("also known as the Acacia Baileyana, Sarah") and the Happy Wanderer. This week I have noticed both are in full bloom.

I was torn between calling Dad just so we could share a conversation about it, or simply keeping it to myself. I started wondering whether next I would grow a beard and tell children, "The night before frost, you'll notice all the plants look like they're white. See? Look at those wattles. Mark my words, there'll be a frost tomorrow morning."

And because I don't really like the idea of becoming a modern day, Australian Yoda, I am just going to share this information with you lovely people.

Do you ever find yourself spouting off wise advice and proverbs from your elders? I see boys at school making 'Dad' jokes all the time. I guess we all do it!

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  1. What beautiful photos, Sarah. I'm glad spring is nearly here, it has been a long cold winter and I'm over it!

    1. These were some images I found online. If you want to see their original site, click on the picture :)
      I thought they were lovely too. The flowers are even better in person!