Thursday, 30 August 2012

Silver Jubilee Party Inspiration

Lately I've been wasting a fair bit of headspace brainstorming ideas for my Silver Jubilee party. Rather than keep it all to myself, I thought I would share the sources of my great inspiration.

I love the idea of making my own labels for the tea bags! I first saw it on The Pretty Blog when they were getting all excited about the Royal Wedding. I could put a silver crown/tiara on them perhaps. It would be so simple to make, too!

I'm usually not a huge fan of bunting, but I really like the way Style Me Pretty tied it into the tree. I have since changed my perspective. Using pretty ribbons to attach bunting to a tree is totally cute! This suits my vision of a picnic tea party as well.

While I have a vintage theme in mind for the party, I would dearly love to play croquet or some other old-school sport. Perhaps bocce? I don't want to go all Mad Hatter's Tea Party though, I don't think. I am pinning this for another time, though. How great are these Alice in Wonderland inspired croquet sets from KreationsParties on Etsy?

I keep joking about monogrammed plates. I wonder if I really should do it for a laugh and put my own face on one. The thought is tempting!

I am feeling really energised now! How exciting it will be!

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