Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Superhero inspiration

Next week is the annual school social event. The theme is Superheroes and Villains. I'm the teacher who helps out the Student Representative Council (SRC) so I have been in need of some inspiration for the event. I've been searching around the Internet for some cool ideas for costumes and decorations. Today I thought I'd share a few cool ideas I found.

What would a superhero be without a cape? Stephen and Natalie from Life [Made] Simple have posted an easy tutorial on how to make a cape. I love that they have personalised it, making their own superhero.

For an easy costume, I thought Cutesy Crafts had the right idea. Why not use a mask? Looking at these ones, it's easy to spot old favourites such as The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and Batman. You could whip one up within an hour or less. That's my kind of costume!

We wanted to create a Gotham City vibe, so we are going to try making our own bat signal. There are a few tutorials on Youtube, but we are going to try cutting out a black bat shape with card and then use a spotlight. Stay tuned to see if it worked well.

Other things we will be trying are using glow sticks inside of balloons and creating 'Bam' and 'Pow' style signs for on the walls.

Just thinking about all of these ideas makes me so pumped and excited about the social! It will be great!

Soon I will post about the night, and about my particular involved a wee bit of sewing and so far it looks awesome.

Time to go save the world...!

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