Sunday, 19 August 2012

Teacher Style: Green Florals and Mustard

 A little while ago I mentioned how much I love seems to have worked its way into outfit after outfit this year!

It was a cold, dreary day on Friday when we took these photos. The splash of colour made me feel a little more chipper.

Jacket: Op Shop, T-Shirt: Op Shop (Sportsgirl ), Dress: Handmade  by my Mum,  Boots: Spendless

This week I read a post from Veronika at Tick Tock Vintage about teacher style. My favourite tip was about wearing sensible shoes. That is one rule I always abide by. There's nothing worse than traipsing all around the school ground with sore feet and blisters! The boots I was wearing this day were both warm and comfy.

Thanks to Georgia for taking the wonderful shots again!

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