Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First Spring Floral

At the first sign of a sunny day after winter is over, my first urge is to throw on my prettiest sundress. More often than not, I am disappointed and slightly cold. I try to remind myself that it's only the beginning of Spring, but the dress is too much to resist!

I tried to tell myself that wearing these little boots would keep me warm. And you know what? They did on this day!

Dress: Valleygirl, Belt: Valleygirl, Boots: Windsor Smith (from a little shop in Shepparton)

Do you remember this ring from my DIY? It matches the pink of my dress perfectly.

Georgia took these photos for me again. We had a hilarious time playing around with my new camera. I am building a folder of photos on my computer, filled with outtakes. There seems to be no end to the weird facial expressions I pull. I guess I am still getting used to having me in front of the camera. It's very different to taking your average 'selfie' for Facebook!

Cardigan: Op Shop, Hat: Vintage (the local theatre group had a sale of old costumes!) 

She called this shot my 'English Librarian' look. I guess I can see what she means; like I am part of a Jane Austen novel!

I can't wait for more warm weather so I can start dress-wearing season!

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