Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Interview Style

A little while ago, I hinted at some changes headed our way. Having just told family and friends, I guess it's time to share on the blog! Next year, my husband Cameron and I are headed back to our hometown of Bendigo.

This means that we will need new jobs and a place to live. We have just signed the paperwork to buy our first home, so we are pretty thrilled! And in the job department, I am looking...I don't expect it to be an easy process, but I am positive something will come up.

I went to an interview last week (didn't get it, but oh well!) My little sister, Miriam helped me to get some outfits together. Here's a peek at our two favourites.

For the interviews I wanted to go with clean lines and solid colours. I wanted to go with neutrals, but I can't resist a splash of colour!

Mim and I went to lunch before the interview, and I thought her outfit was a bit snazzy as well. She's got style :)

The day was excellent. We enjoyed a hot chocolate in the afternoon and did a spot of shopping. I can't wait to be back home and spend more time with the family!


  1. The first picture is the winner for me, smart yet not overly 'done'- you really suit the wine colour of the cardi.Rx

    1. Thanks Rachael. That one was our favourite too :)