Monday, 17 September 2012

Sarah Learns...How to Sew a Top With Doilies

A few weeks ago I read a tutorial on Always Rooney about how to make a seriously simple shirt.

After going through my fabric stash, I found a pretty floral and some doilies (both purchased from the Op Shop- $1.50 and 50 cents respectively.)

It was pretty easy to follow along with the tutorial. I must say that I have learned a few lessons, however. For example, I should have made the neck hole smaller and then adjusted if necessary. I felt like the neckline is too wide. There's not really an easy way to fix that once done! (I'm kicking myself, too, because one of our quilting rules is 'measure twice, cut once'!)

I am amazed at just how different mine looks in comparison to Courtney's on Always Rooney. Hers is  adorable. Mine is perhaps a work in progress. I may need to experiment a little more!

I did really love the outfit I wore that day though.

Hope you're having a wonderful start to the week!

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