Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Visiting the farm

It's funny how things change as you get older, isn't it? I think I'm slowly becoming my parents. I don't say that as if it's a bad thing really. I kind of like as I'm getting older, I'm mellowing out a little and care more about my lifestyle. 

On the weekend, my husband and I headed back to my parents little farm. It was lovely catching up over hot milos and jokes about when we were kids. My little brother (now studying to be an accountant) was informing me about changes I can make to my superannuation fund and answering questions about buying shares on the stock market. After this, he went to help Dad with the fencing. And just like that, it felt so comfortable and easy. This is what I want.

I later went outside to help Dad feed his lambs. I remember feeding the calves or goat kids or lambs was a really annoying chore when we were little. Now I can see how it's actually quite a nice, soothing experience. I love seeing the dazed look on their faces once they've got a belly full. They look so cute when they prance over to you because they want that milk now! Even the way they try to nudge each other out of the way is endearing.

How adorable is this little one? I can't believe how gorgeous her eyes are. It looks like she's wearing make-up (I promise this is totally natural. I do not go putting make up on pretty lambs.)

The thought of owning a bit of land and having animals has great appeal for me now. In the past I was determined to move away from the country, but now I want to move back! I may even get some lambs one day and hand rear them myself (ask me then if I still find them adorable!)

When we do buy land, our dog Mack is going to love it. The photo here is of my father's dog, Chloe. She is a bit of a duffer, but she is a pro at shaking hands!

My dreams will come true, sooner or later...

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