Thursday, 4 October 2012

Food Gracing My Table

I have been on school holidays for two weeks (how time flies...yikes!) and I am set to go back on Monday.

I've been busy correcting essays and assignments, but I have also left time to enjoy some catching up with old friends, quilting (post coming soon!) and a little baking. The weather has warmed up over the past few days, so I have also enjoyed wearing dresses and going for a stroll down the back paddock with the dog.

I thought I'd share a few photos of the food I have made recently. I am super proud of myself for getting better at rolling sushi. These were fairly simple. I just used smoked salmon, tuna, avocado, capsicum and cucumber for my filling. We ate them with mayonnaise and soy sauce.

I also kind of mushed a bunch of recipes together to make two variations of an Asian broth. Both were amazing, in my opinion. The first had some Basa fish fillets in it. The tamari sauce I added was so delicious.

The second broth I tried (same soup base) had rice noodles, some bok choi and pak choi. I threw the greens in at the end so they were still a bit crunchy. I thought it was brilliant. It made the best leftovers, too.

Mmmm. I am still thinking about the flavour now!

Blog posts should go back to normal next week when I am back at school. I have a few updates on my pruning and quilting to show off to come soon so you'll have to stay tuned!

While I sit here, enjoying the sun and listening to the chirping birds, I hope you're also having a sunny day, wherever you are.

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