Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Maternity Style Snippets

I have been a little slack in photographing my outfits lately. My trusty sidekick is two hours away so she can't take too many photos of me at the moment!

I've tried to get away with wearing my usual clothes for a long time. I'm still able to wear some, but most days now I wear newly purchased clothing. These items aren't necessarily maternity. I will probably write about them later in an Op Shop Style post.

Here's just a quick shot or two of things I have worn lately. These two outfits were from about a month ago.

This dress I wore to a friend's engagement party. I got this dress from the Op Shop a long time ago, and I was so excited that it still fitted me.

This is just a home life shot. I was cooking dinner and harassing my husband for not taking more photos. I was halfway through talking to him when he just whipped out his phone and started taking photos. Serves me right, I guess!

I have become a huge fan of those tank tops some teenage girls wear as dresses. They go with everything. The shirt I bought from K-Mart a couple of years ago now. It has T-shirt ribbing in the sides, so it stretches. Pretty exciting when you're constantly expanding! These pants are maternity ones I got from Big W. They fit well and are really comfy.

I'll be back soon enough with a bit more on maternity style.

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