Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Op Shop Maternity Style

I mentioned in an earlier maternity style post that I have been wearing a lot of my usual clothes throughout pregnancy. Some tops and dresses are easy to translate because I love wearing A-line dresses, and t-shirt material stretches to compensate. Pants and shorts are not so simple, so I have been wearing a lot of maternity pants. Still, I haven't spent much on the clothing! Rather than cross over into the world of drab and dull maternity wear, I have been popping into the Op Shops to add a bit of fun to my wardrobe.

You'll have to forgive me for cutting out my face from the pictures. I just wasn't having a photogenic day!

I've been seeking some maternity style inspiration over on Pinterest, and really loved the blazer trick (Miranda Kerr did it well!) This blazer I bought from the Op Shop last year. The jeans are maternity ones from Big W ($25) and the top is Free Fusion from Target (I think it was $8 on special.) I have a few different colours of this top because they are amazing for going underneath everything. I've been wearing them since I was about 14 weeks I think. They're just so long and comfy!

Would you believe that this shirt cost me $1? I was in Echuca with my sister for the day and we went a little nuts on the $1 rack! I'm still wearing those jeans and the long top.

Yes, I'm still wearing the jeans and white top (Hey, we're not reinventing the wheel!) This came from the Op Shop for $3.50. As baby is coming at the end of Autumn/start of Winter, I didn't mind having it sit in my wardrobe since January. It was handy when we went to Hobart for our anniversary too.

This dress was 'meant to be.' I originally saw it in Big W, but the only one in my size had a hole in it. Months later, I spotted it in an Op Shop in Numurkah. It's gotten me through two winters already and is perfect for layering.

I have worn it quite a few times during pregnancy. It was great at the end of summer because it kept me just that little bit warmer than a thin cotton dress. Now it's great because I can wear it with tights and a cardigan (mustard is my favourite colour to go with this.)

Some things I've tried to keep in mind when selecting tops in particular are:

  1. How long will I be able to wear this for? Am I going to grow out of it soon? (I am a lover of the 'how many dollars per wear' philosophy!)
  2. Will this be practical when I want to breastfeed? I need easy access!
  3. Will this look flattering later on when I am trying to lose my baby belly? Or, will I be horrified when old ladies in the supermarket ask 'When are you due, love?'

 All of these photos were taken at 35 weeks. Not long to go now!

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