Thursday, 16 May 2013

One Chook and Two Sad Roosters

I realised I haven't written much about having moved house. We bought a house on 20 acres of land in November last year. There are some things we absolutely love about the house, such as the space, the front veranda (perfect for breakfasts and barbeques) and the fact that we are on tank water with a wood heater.

Then there are some things that bother us, or that we will hopefully change in the future. Some earlier work done to the house is a wee bit sloppy, and we have some major work to do on the gardens outside. All in good time though.

For now, we are happy getting little projects done. My husband is preparing some vegetable garden beds for me, altering our wardrobes and we are reshuffling the kitchen a bit.

One of the things we love about rural life is being able to have animals. We took care of some of my parent's sheep up until a few weeks ago. They will come back when the grass has had a chance to grow back. We also like having chooks.

We have had these three since they were chickens. As fate would have it, only one of them is a hen, while the other two are roosters. They have been practising their crows lately and my goodness, the sound is awful! They can't quite get it, so it sounds like they are constantly in pain. haha.

The hen has been clucky for the last few weeks too, so at the moment they're a pretty sad bunch. They make me laugh/panic when they follow me around the yard though. They look hilarious, running and shifting their weight from one foot to the other. They are surprisingly loud too. It sounds like you're about to be trampled by a hoard of elephants. Well, maybe I exaggerate...

Unfortunately, these chookies have had a bad weekend. Our friend's dog managed to get inside their pen, and it has made a mess of the two roosters. Thankfully, they didn't die of fright, and we seemed to have gotten to them in time to save them from any fatal damage. These photos were taken today, and they seem to be getting better at the moment. Poor chookies!

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