Monday, 27 May 2013

Pregnancy photos

I had a lovely visit from Georgia three weeks ago. While she was here she took some photos for me. 

Apart from the great photos, it was such a wonderful day because I really missed her. We're living two hours away from Numurkah now, and it's hard not seeing my friends each day. But on this day, we laughed and chatted like always, and I was glad for it. Being on maternity leave can get boring!

So three weeks after these photos were taken, I am approaching the final days of pregnancy. Tomorrow is my due date. It's all a bit crazy! It's difficult to believe that any day now, I will be holding a little baby!

I'm spending these days reading, doing some quilting and gardening. I don't consider myself a green thumb. I wish I was, but I probably need some more practice. Today I repotted an overgrown Aloe Vera plant. It was looking sad, because the lambs ate it down while the were here. They are not dying though, so I decided to separate all the little baby Aloe Veras off the main plant. There were about ten pots in the end!

This might be my last post for a while! Let's hope!

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