About Me

The Young Old Chook is a lifestyle blog that focuses on reviving the trends, crafts, pastimes and clever ideas from yesteryear. My aim is to inspire people to see value in the way our Nanas lived.

My Nana called herself ‘The Old Chook.’ She even used to sign our birthday and Christmas cards with the nickname. This is where the inspiration for this blog comes from.

Both of my Nanas played a huge role in my life and have influenced the themes of this blog. I fondly remember the Old Chook teaching me how to make scones. I also remember spending hour upon hour putting on fashion shows with my younger sister, putting on the vintage clothes in what we called ‘Nana’s dress up room.’

Who am I, though? I'm Sarah. By day I'm a high school teacher of English. In my private time, I'm a wife, crafter, wannabe foodie and a lover of vintage.

If you'd like to contact me, you can follow this link to email.